Aquatic Management of Indianapolis provides highly focused operations and responsiveness to our customers and their patrons, while The Pool Management Group works to provide background support and ensure our company can offer the most valuable suite of services.

Over the past 25 years, our parent company has established and replicated sound business practices for swimming pool management and operations. Locally, we have executed upon those strengths to provide the best possible experience for our customers and pool patrons. For instance, The Pool Management Group stays at the front of issues like water quality, water safety, national legislation, and lifeguarding techniques; in turn, we consistently integrate innovative findings and sound practical applications within our operations. Together, we engage international authorities on aquatic safety who serve as our safety advisors, and we've adopted lifeguard education and techniques that go well beyond the industry standards. These are just two examples of the combined organizational strengths we offer. 

We are a strong and proven local presence with distinct advantages as part of a respected organization that is a leader in the pool management industry.