Safety Advisors

As a partner company of The Pool Management Group, we dedicate resources to ensure we obtain the best and most up-to-date safety information. This includes contracting with  internationally renowned water safety authority, Dr. Tom Griffiths and the Aquatic Safety Research Group, to serve as our Safety Advisor. From new lifeguard techniques to pool safety research to risk management, you gain unequaled safety expertise for your pool.

We add important layers of lifeguard training to the industry standard of training in the lifeguard industry.

  • We add essential knowledge and skill training beyond the standard Red Cross Lifeguarding certification through our training and lifeguard skill checks.
  • Each year our training is customized by The Pool Management Group’s Safety Team. The training integrates The Pool Management Group’s research and testing, input from our network of pool companies, the latest industry safety discoveries, and input from our expert Safety Advisors.  
  • Our training addresses serious risks many pool operators are not even aware of. From addressing surface refraction and glare issues to invisible bodies phenomena to perceptual blindness, we continually evolve our custom training. 
  • Outside audits of our lifeguard records are made each season, assuring that all lifeguard staff is certified and all training is up to date. 

Safety Campaigns

We take safety very seriously, and we believe pool safety is greatest when everyone understands the risks associated with swimming pools. That’s why we invest in educating your pool patrons and helping them understand how they can help save lives. Part of our 2013 Safety Campaign introduces pool patrons to the concept of invisible bodies underwater, and invites them on-line for more safety information. Posters and flyers are at each of the pools we manage.

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