Unparalleled Risk Management

Pool owners and governing boards are open to substantial risks and liabilities associated with swimming pools. Our services minimize risk.

Drowning Prevention

Layers of the most up-to-date lifeguard procedures and emergency response training are focused on one thing: Preventing a catastrophic event. We care first and foremost about safety and you will see a difference.

Financial Risks

Aquatic safety experts know that even at the best run pool, accidents can happen. Pool-related judgments can easily be in the multi-million dollar range, and if a pool management company has too little insurance, pool owners may be exposed in the event of a catastrophic event. Our $20 million of liability insurance coverage is the most comprehensive insurance program in the industry. 

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Emergency back-up to keep your pool open and running optimally

Who is going to run the operation that keeps your pool open if the main person is injured or otherwise unavailable? We not only have a back-up plan, we have an experienced back-up team. Our parent company is ready and able to provide complete support with management and technician teams ready to deploy at any time. This can be critically important at a key time in the operation of your pool.

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We make your pool safer

We’re there when you need us