Aquatic Management of Indianapolis offers many products that can make your pool the biggest splash of the summer!

We not only provide quality service — we also provide parts and equipment for every pool's need. Although we have provided some links on this page to popular pool equipment and improvement, the choices are not limited to these items. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of all the latest pool supplies and equipment — from the latest swimming pool computer control systems to table umbrellas. Please contact us with any questions.

Water Slides & other water amenities

Put your swimming pool back on the map with fun and excitement!

This could be your #1 profit maker, by increasing your attendance!

Remember when pool slides had steep ladders, no transition areas, open flumes and small side rails? With these concerns in mind, your colleagues and Natural Structures developed a new standard in pool slides:

  • All slides are fully enclosed to ensure a safe and secure sliding adventure.
  • Spacious transition decks on all slides 6 feet and over to promote easy transition.
  • Gently sloping stairs with full handrails for greater safety.

We can help you decide what kind of slide is best for your pool. You can choose one of many different slides, from simple to high-adventure, which will enhance your swimming pool experience. Custom designs are also available and Natural Structures can provide complete design, engineering and manufacturing flexibility to meet your special needs and conditions.  

Email us for quotes and more information about getting a slide for your pool. 

Pool Furniture

We have the deck accessories that you need!

What is sitting on your pool deck?

Commercial Craft Chaise Lounges can be found around pools throughout the world, from small condominiums to world-class resorts. Whether it is a table, chair, lounger or umbrella you need, you will not be disappointed with the fine quality that Commercial Craft Furniture can give you.

Contact us to receive more information about all the Commercial Craft products.

LOOP-LOC Safety pool covers

Is your pool cover safe? We can assess your current cover and, if necessary, offer recommendations on improving your cover.   Properly protecting your pool throughout the winter can minimize damage which could lead to costly repairs. 
We can install a genuine LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover on your pool.  With a minimum break strength of 125,000 pounds, LOOP-LOC is the strongest pool cover you can buy, and the smartest.  Unlike saggy, unsightly solid covers, a LOOP-LOC cover stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool by utilizing a patented Safedge and Gapguard Child Safety System Intrusion Barrier that closes the dangerous gap between raised obstructions and the cover's edge. There is no way children or pets can slip through!  It is so durable that it is backed by an exclusive 10-year Limited Warranty. During that amount of time, your average pool cover would have to be replaced three or four times!  You can choose from green, black, blue and gray to find the color that best blends with your surroundings and LOOP-LOC's exclusive Auto-CAD computer design assures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool.

Safety Equipment

We can provide the following safety equipment for your pool:

  • Rescue Tubes
  • Lifeguard Stands
  • Rescue Mask
  • Lifeguard Umbrella
  • Backboards
  • First Aid Kits
  • Water Test Kits

Competitive Equipment

We offer a wide selection of competitor equipment that can be customized to suit your Summer League Swim Team.

Equipment that we can supply includes:

  • Lane Line Reels-Custom Colors Available
  • Lane Line Reels & Covers
  • Pace Clocks
  • Starting Blocks

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