We make learning to swim a lifetime of enjoyment!

One of the most rewarding parts of having a pool is watching a child learn to swim. As an optional service, we provide your children with swimming lessons. Our group classes contain no more than six students to ensure that all receive the attention they need to become proficient swimmers. We also offer private and semi-private lessons.

Please note that under certain circumstances, lessons may not be offered at your facility. We only teach swim lessons to members at pools or communities that are managed by  Aquatic Management of Indianapolis. We can only offer lessons to members at the pool of which they are a member.

Our swim instructors will help your child gain self-confidence and satisfaction from learning to swim.

Our swim instructors provide:

  • Class organization (lesson plans, class registration, certificates)
  • Swimming lesson instruction
  • Communication with parents

At Aquatic Management of Indianapolis, children are rewarded with praise for a job well done. They are never forced to perform a skill. We believe that with patience, positive encouragement and frequent repetition of skills, your child will have a happy, safe and successful swimming experience.

Lesson Information:

Class sizes are a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 3 students per instructor.

Classes are held Monday - Thursday, for 30 minutes, for a two-week session.

Session Dates: 

  • Session I:   June 2 - 12
  • Session II:  June 16-26
  • Session III: June 30-July 10
  • Session IV: July 14-24

Class Times: to be determined based on the needs of the students.

Class Description:

Please Note: Children must be three years old to participate in swim lessons.

Tadpoles: This class is for children who are new to swim lessons. It focuses on basic water safety and developing a comfort level in the water. It teaches water orientation, body submersion, beginner floating, and beginner arm and leg movements.

Guppies: This class is for children who are comfortable in the water. It focuses on teaching students to float and recover to a standing position on both the front and back without assistance, combining the arm and leg movements for freestyle and backstroke and underwater swimming.

Starfish (Primary skills): This class is for children who are learning to swim the primary strokes without assistance. It focuses on teaching students independent swimming for short distances. Rhythmic breathing, gliding on front and back and treading water is introduced.

Dolphin (Stroke Readiness): This class is for children who are swimming short distances without assistance. It focuses on strengthening the strokes, side breathing and underwater swimming. Diving and open turns are introduced.

To Register, see the pool manager at your facility.  Payment will be given to the instructor on the first day of the lessons, DO NOT send a check to Aquatic Management of Indianapolis office. No cash please. You will receive a phone call from Aquatic Management of Indianapolis prior to the start of the session to arrange times. If you do not receive a phone call at least one week before the first day of class, please call the Aquatic Management of Indianapolis office: 317-821-8031317-821-8031

For more information please contact the Aquatic Management of Indianapolis office.